The result of a partnership between an electrical contractor and a lighting designer, we know firsthand why proper distribution and project support is needed.
After years of poor service, we decided it was time to make a change in the way that our market handled business, so we created Pacific Lighting.

We created Pacific Lighting because we believe that a distributor should be more than just a company that sells you boxes containing lighting goods.
Your distributor should be your partner and bring to the table a unique set of industry skills so that you get the best all-around ROI from your lighting budgets all the while looking out for your best interest. From pricing structures to problem-solving to programming, we are here to make the process smooth and enjoyable.
Pacific Lighting is here to bring fair and consistent pricing to our clients, support projects with modern fulfillment techniques, and spearhead communication within our segment through the use of technology to provide excellent customer service, attentiveness to the end users, designers and specifiers and integrity to the financial transactions in our market.

We look forward to working with you.

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